Accidental deletion of devices as a result of deleting Application group

Is there any way (even at a Postgres level) of recovering devices accidentally deleted as part of a Application Group deletion? Appreciate the chances are slim to zero…

if you haven’t backups - you can’t make any recovery at any level.

Thank you @eugenev - I was checking on behalf of someone else, I don’t believe any backups are available.

In addition to backing up my postgresdb/redisdb for full DR, I also backup the individual devices and configurations using a collection of scripts I wrote. This way you can easily migrate/restore specific devices. GitHub - haimiko/chirpstack-backup .

Thank you @Haim_L - very helpful collection of scripts.

Just to let you know, deleting objects will be improved in the upcoming v4:


@brocaar v4 looking great!

I see these scripts extract things like nwkKey from each device it tries to back up. But is this sufficient to bring back devices which are stuck with the JOINs they have received from the network server and are not trying to do another JOIN? As far as I understand, the actual encryption keys are being held on the REDIS ram cache and unless explicitly backing up the Redis backing store in /var/lib/redis, these keys are lost after DELETEing the devices.

At least this is my experience - I am not able to restore communications to those sensors which were DELETEd even though I have a full PSQL backup. (but no REDIS backup)