Add multiple devices at once

Is there any way to add multiple devices at once to an application?

Not by using the LoRa App Server web-interface, but you can use the LoRa App Server API for this.

Hi @brocaar, we are adding multiple devices in ABP mode by using LoRa App Server API (at first, POST /api/devices to create the device and then POST /api/devices/{device_activation.dev_eui}/activate to activate the device)
However, when the device makes uplink, its payload is not available in App Server web interface and App Server still indicates “n/a” to the device’s “Last Seen” column.
Please note that device’s uplink is visible on the related gateway’s “Live LoRaWAN Frames” section.
We discovered that from the App Server web panel, by selecting the existing device and clicking the “(Re)Activate Device” in the “Activation” tab, uplinks of the device become visible and “Last Seen” column is updated regulary as expected.
We don’t want to “reactivate” each device one by one since there are 500 of them.
We would be appreciated if you could guide us to find a solution for this.

Thank you and stay safe & healthy these days.

Note: Discovered that while registering the device we are filling “appSKey” and “nwkSEncKey” fields only. The ones “reactivated” has also their “sNwkSIntKey” and “fNwkSIntKey” fields filled with “nwkSEncKey” instead of zeros.

@brocaar Solved it. Please activate the device by filling “appSKey”, “nwkSEncKey” and copying “nwkSEncKey” to “sNwkSIntKey” and “fNwkSIntKey” fields. DO NOT leave “sNwkSIntKey” and “fNwkSIntKey” with zeros.