Add rx / tx meta-data to LoRa App server decoder

In order to have advanced decoding feature for the lora app server, can we imagine to have an access to all the meta available meta-data for the javascript decoding function ?
(for exemple deveui, devadr, fcnt, gateways id, etc)

I want to use this feature to bring data parsing to the influxdb integration (for example splitting device name composed by sensor ID and location of sensor). The idea is to avoid multiple data base with the same information.


In the current implementation, this is not possible as the codec functions are only for the payload. It is not designed as a middleware to change other meta-data. When this would be possible in the JS codec functions, this would not be accessible when selecting a pre-configured codec like Cayenne LPP.

Please note that the device name is used for the InfluxDB measurement names, you could also put the extra meta-data in the device description, to avoid it will end up in InfluxDB?


how can I recover the pre-configured code/encode Cayenne LPP of loraserver, I know how his structure is built ( but I’m looking for the real codec.

Thank you.

I am using meta data for integrating data into influxdb. And I understand that it is not the use case of the app server. But I am also using some metadata to decode my payload. The count ism used for exemple to generate a packet/timestamping location of my data, and also I am using deveui to consolidate my data. Maybe this use case is not adapted to the decoding parser

Hi @brocaar,
Is it possible in the actual version of chirpstack-application-server?
I would like to include the device EUI in the JSON object generated by the codec.

Automagically not. You can solve it with the new “variables” property and manually adding the devEUI to it or with a proper integration as that information is part of the message which is sent.

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Okay thanks for your answer!

I want to raise the awareness on this topic again.
I currently wrote chirpstack decoders that everything in the object node can be automatically changed to a protocol buffer representation.

Some missing stuff I could solve by leveraging variables.

Now I want to do exactly the same with the information in rxInfo.
So for me it would be really helpful to have access to this kind of meta information in decoders.