Adding a 16-channel gateway to a network of 8-channel GWs

I’m preparing to deploy a Tektelic 16x2 GW among an existing network server configuration of several 8x1 Mikrotik LR9s, region is US915.

If I understand correctly (and I’m not sure that I do), this means the network server must still be configured for 8x1 channels, because not all of the GWs support 16x2. For example, on an OTAA Join, a device may be given a channel mask including 16x2 channels and thus frequently use channels the 8x1 GWs don’t hear.

My hunch is that I would not change the network service configuration and still have effectively an 8x1 network, though I believe the 16x2 gateway uplinks will still be available via MQTT for monitoring purposes.

Is this correct?

Yes, that is correct. As long as you keep your chirpstack-network-server.toml to 8 channels, the additional channels will not be used by your devices.

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Thank you. Next question - could I configure multiple instances of ChirpStack Network Servers with a single Application Server, where the Network Servers would be 8, 16 and 64 channel configurations? I admit I haven’t looked at the detail of the interface between the components, is this how I could support multiple gateway types?

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Yes, I believe that is the recommended approach. It is not unlike running two different region NSes with the same AS. You will also want to segregate your gateway bridge MQTT traffic, either by topic or MQTT server.