ADR Max/Min Lag

When updating a Service-profile to have a new maximum DR for ADR, should that change take effect immediately?

I had a max DR of 15 and I was seeing the ADR settings go down to the device with a DR of 4 and above. I lowered the max DR in the Service-profile to 3 and I still saw the downlinks send a DR of 4 after I had updated the Service-profile. I have also seen this when increasing the DR, but I do not have an exact example right now.

I understand that loraserver will not decrease the DR, but just wanted to verify that the ADR min and max should be updated automatically and not have much of a time lag.

Hi AlexSneedMiller,

I do not know if my assumption is correct, but you may need to update / reactivate each of the devices after the change.

BR / DeHi

Having a device re-join does not seem to affect it. It’s almost like LoRaServer ignores the setting.