ADR request added to mac-command queue but not sent


We are having issues with ADR.

If a node has lowered its data rate due to some temporary issues the network server should ask the node to increase the DR after a while. According to the network servers log this seems to work:
msg="adr request added to mac-command queue" ctx_id=0b057054-176c-45ac-abec-8e512b1f605b dev_eui=70b3d5d72024002d dr=0 nb_trans=1 req_dr=5 req_nb_trans=1 req_tx_power_idx=3 tx_power=0

My understanding is that there should be a mac-command (LinkADRReq) in the next downlink. That does not seem to work. The next downlink does not contain any mac-commands.

We have implemented our own application server. Could the issue be in there?

The service profile used in this case looks like this:
id: ‘cZJzPHD3TMaN45MgEgNvZg==’
ulRate: 0
ulBucketSize: 0
ulRatePolicy: 0
dlRate: 0
dlBucketSize: 0
dlRatePolicy: 0
addGwMetadata: true
devStatusReqFreq: 1
reportDevStatusBattery: true
reportDevStatusMargin: true
drMin: 0
drMax: 5
channelMask: ‘’
prAllowed: false
hrAllowed: false
raAllowed: false
nwkGeoLoc: false
targetPer: 0
minGwDiversity: 0
gwsPrivate: false