Announching LoRa Gateway OS

Actually, I did run the LoRa Gateway OS successfully on a Pi3 B+ (without modifications). When sticking with Raspbian, you can download and the linux_armX.deb packages :slight_smile:

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Sorry to be a pain, but give me a Printed Circuit Board or an antenna i’m all over it, but when it comes to compiling code, i’m a novice.

For completeness, I assume the versions are
RaspiZero Lora-gateway-bridge_2.7.1_linux_armV6.deb
Raspi 2B (v1.2) Lora-gateway-bridge_2.7.1_linux_armV7.deb
Raspi3B & B+ Lora-gateway-bridge_2.7.1_linux_arm64.deb

I’m not sure if Raspbian is using 64bit by default on the Pi3, so you might want to try the armv7 instead. Anyway, you’ll find out directly if it works or not when lora-gateway-bridge --help gives you an error about an unsupported binary format :wink: In that case, just dpkg -i ... a different version.

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Hi, can we install other packages together with this LG OS ?, for example node-red?

You can, but you need to build these packages yourself using the Yocto tools. See also:

Thank you for your prompt response, but could you give me an example of how I could do it ?, I do not know how these tools work. I would like to be able to install node-red and be able to make a simple dashboard to show data from the Lora sensors.

Hi Brocaar
Can I please get your contacts (email), I am doing the same project and I have stuck in configuration phase.

@brocaar First off, congratulations on the LoRaServer project. It really is a fantastic piece of work.

I have a question about the LoRa Gateway OS. I am trying to add a custom Monit job to the RPi os. Using the loraserver daemon as an example, I have created a new file in /etc/init.d and this has been added as a symlink to /etc/rc0.d using the update-rc.d command (I’m not sure if this second step is required). I’ve then created a new Monit job file in /etc/monit.d. But no matter what I do, every time I run sudo monit start PROCESS_NAME, I get a Monit status of Execution failed | Does not exist for my new job.

Do you have any suggestions?

Don’t forget to reload the monit configuration :slight_smile:

Reinitialise a running Monit daemon, the daemon will reread its configuration, close and reopen log files.

Cheers. I will investigate.

Dear @brocaar , can we use this OS with an RPi connected to the internet through a cellular usb modem? How can we configure this?

Yes, but you might need to make some modifications to in order to support your cellular modem and build a custom image.

A while ago I did not use the RPI, today I want to do some tests, from the LS interface I started to get the following message:

redis connection error: dial tcp [::1]:6379: connect: connection refused (code: 2)

What could be the problem, what can I do to solve it?

I realise the discussion is dated but for the benefit of others I recently sorted this. After much reading I’ve found all versions of Raspi use ….armv6.deb. Even though each Rapi model uses a different arm processors, the Raspi foundation has standardised on “armv6”.

I was having problem with Lora-gateway-bridge_3.0.0 _linux_armV6.deb but recently Lora-gateway-bridge_3.2.1_linux_armV6.deb works just fine.
I’ve used the same code in a Pi3 and a PiZero, simply by moving the SD Card from one to the other.