API REST problem with device GET frames

Hi everyone!

I am running some tests over the LoRa App Server REST API, trying to figure out how to work with it. (BTW, congratulations for the API. An amazing job has been done here)

Once I have properly understood and used the JWT, I got a little problem.

When requesting the GET frames from a specific device, I don’t get any answer, just the typical dots that represents a “loading” action. I have waited, but no answer returned. (You can see that in the screenshot that I attach)

Has anybody found the same problem or could you please tell me how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

It opens a HTTP stream for live logging, I don’t think this works (well) in the browser. You could try it from the command-line. Alternatively, you could use web sockets (which is what LoRa App Server is using). Here is an example: https://github.com/brocaar/lora-app-server/blob/master/ui/src/stores/NodeStore.js#L133.

I have same problem, I try with POSTMAN and it is not working, when using wsact it take a lot of time just for one message.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will try what you recommend me.

Hi again.

I could manage to connect to the frames and receive them. But now, another question arise: Where is the data in the JSON received?
Thanks in advance.

This might help:


Hi,bro Could you tell me how did you handle this problem eventually? thanks!

Having the same problem, is there a way to get frames log as json file without using GUI?

I’ve try using MQTT, but the information is not as same as the response showing by Rest API, the get frame function in Rest API is working before version 1.0.0.

i have a problem. In api web page, the exmple result is:

And the result that i get is [ ]

Someone knows why my “result” is [] with “totalCount”: “3” which is correct.


Since you didn’t specify a limit, so it defaults to 0 so it will return the count but no items :wink:

The link is not working (404). Do you have another link with the solution? I have the same problem.