Application does not show all messages

I’m sending confirmed uplinks from an end device. I can see that the gateway receives these messages and sends the ack (most of the times). However, in my application, I never see the downlinks. Moreover, I only see some of the uplinks (a subset of what I see as received by the gateway). Any idea what is causing this?

Are you running the latest Application Server, v3.12.2? There was a bug related to the websocket streaming that was fixed.

Thanks! I just updated to 3.12.2 and the problem is still there. It happens less often, but it still happens. I also checked the application server logs, and I get the following warning:
"[write] error writing websocket message: write tcp Y.Y.Y.Y:8084->X.X.X.X:54924: i/o timeout"
followed by:
"finished streaming call with code Canceled" error="rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled" grpc.code=Canceled grpc.method=StreamFrameLogs grpc.service=api.GatewayService,