Application Server auto closing after pg connect->migration

Hello, I am running chirpstack on windows.
Postresql, Redis, MQTT, CGB, CNS - are started and the application server is closed after connecting to pg

Hi @A3M,

Could you provide us some more details to assist?

What are you seeing in the logs? (make sure you’re set to 4 - info at least for the app server).

time=“2020-12-07T21:21:50+03:00” level=fatal msg=“setip storage error: storage: applying PostreSQL data migrations error: pq: class operator “gin_trgm_ops” for method “gin” handling 0027_global_search.sql”

Ah, so that error is caused by the migrations the application server is attempting to run. Specifically 0027_global_search.sql which uses the gin_trgm_ops method which isn’t installed on your database it appears. Did you follow the setup instructions including the postgres extensions creation?

-- enable the trigram and hstore extensions
\c chirpstack_as
create extension pg_trgm;
create extension hstore;

Oh, now I’ll try, I know for sure that I installed these methods, but I also deleted the database by creating a new one.

Thanks, the problem was this, I forgot that I was doing a new base for AS, and forgot to add it again.