Application Server - User Interface missing

Just installed the latest ChripstackOS with an RPI 4:
Everything seems to be running fine, but I cannot log into the User Interface on port 8080. All I get is a page with the 2 links
I can follow these links (and using the api with swagger works great!), but where is the UI?
Thanks your help

Here is the log:
root@raspberrypi4:~# chirpstack-application-server
INFO[0000] starting ChirpStack Application Server docs="[removed link]" version=3.11.0
INFO[0000] storage: setting up storage package
INFO[0000] storage: setup metrics
INFO[0000] storage: setting up Redis client
INFO[0000] storage: connecting to PostgreSQL database
INFO[0000] storage: applying PostgreSQL data migrations
INFO[0000] storage: PostgreSQL data migrations applied count=0
INFO[0000] integration: configuring global integrations
INFO[0000] integration/mqtt: TLS config is empty
INFO[0000] integration/mqtt: connecting to mqtt broker server=“tcp://localhost:1883”
INFO[0000] integration/mqtt: connected to mqtt broker
INFO[0000] integration/mqtt: subscribing to tx topic qos=0 topic=application/+/device/+/command/down
INFO[0000] api/as: starting application-server api bind=“” ca_cert= tls_cert= tls_key=
INFO[0000] api/external: starting api server bind=“” tls-cert= tls-key=
INFO[0000] api/external: registering rest api handler and documentation endpoint path=/api
INFO[0000] api/js: starting join-server api bind=“” ca_cert= tls_cert= tls_key=

Sorry about that! I can re-produce your issue. The Makefile in this build was executed in an async way, causing the task to generate the Go statics and the front-end code to be generated in parallel (by Yocto).

Because of this, not all files were included in this build…

I have resolved the issue locally (PARALLEL_MAKE = "") and will issue a new build soon :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting! :+1:

I had an intern playing around with gateway os and he was already close to despair. It was the first week of his first internship and he thought he can’t make anything right :wink:
By the way, is it hard to include htop in the new image? My intern loves this little tool. This would mean the world to him.

I released a fix for this yesterday :slight_smile: (v3.3.0-test.8)

With regards your htop request, could you create an issue for this? That is a better place to keep track of feature requests.

Thank you, we just installed the update and the UI works perfectly now.
Concerning htop I created an issue.

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