Appserver trying to connect to non existent server after host network-server update


I have found something strange.

I had configured a server in lora-app-server the configuration was ok and everything started to work, but the I reallize that had to change some ports and ips. Changed everything and It still works but sometimes I can see this message in logs:
addrConn.resetTransport failed to create client transport: connection error: desc = “transport: Error while dialing dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused”;

That is the server old IP that I changed (I only changed the ip)

Did you update the network-server entry in LoRa App Server?

That’s the new IP with the same name.

Restarted the server and the error seems to be gone.Can try to replicate the error if you need it

I think I know what it is. Because you changed the IP of the server and in the network-server entry the connection-pool created a new client to the new IP, but it doesn’t remove the old client hence the erors you sometimes see while everything is still working.

What I need to do is when you update the network-server with a different host:ip, that it disconnects the old client in the pool and cleans it up (which is what also happened after your restart).

Thanks for reporting!

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