AS923-4 no JoinAccept

Hello All,
Any insight would be highly helpfull and appreciated.

I have chirpstack installed and running succefully with an active GW.
The NS is recieving join requests but no join accepts.
The GW bridge and NS logs shows that there is an ack generated but on the web application no accepts showing and device is never seen - the credentials and keys were tripled checked.
I am getting this error in the server log:
level=warning msg=“unknown band to common name mapping” band_name=AS923-4

Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully replying :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution?

I had a network connection down for a couple of weeks. Once it was repaired the Gateway is showing messages coming in from the sensors, but Chirpstack still shows that the sensors have not responded in a few weeks. I see JoinRequests, but no JoinAccepts.