[ASB] Why choosing http over ASB go module

Hi @brocaar,

What’s the reason behind changing from ASB go module to HTTP in ASB integration? I think the HTTP does not perform as well as ASB go module base on what I observed between 3.9.0 and 3.15.0

From Microsoft: Best practices for improving performance using Azure Service Bus - Azure Service Bus | Microsoft Docs

They recommended that using AMQP, and I believe ASB go module also uses it.


Less complexity. This issue has been open for a long time, and affected several production deployments: Panic after calling Send (after x hours of functioning properly) · Issue #149 · Azure/azure-service-bus-go · GitHub.

As well, it allows for per application integration configurations. Other than the global integrations, application integrations by design do not maintain their connections with the service that they integrate with.

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