[AWS] Can't remotely login into server using Putty

Suddenly my access to server is lost. Unable to login to server.

I have deployed the server on Ubuntu on AWS LightSail.

What are the steps to be taken to recover/restore the services?

Please help.

Joy !! :slight_smile:

Please define what you mean with

Suddenly my access to server is lost

This could be SSH access, access to the web-interface, …

I was unable to login my AWS machine thru Putty as well as LoRA server access was also not reachable.

I am not sure …the issue was with AWS or LORA Server?

When you can’t login into your AWS server using Putty, then this is not related to LoRa Server. This might be a firewall or maybe your server is not running. Anyway, this is not the best place to discuss this as this is more related to server management using the AWS platform.

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Right…I restarted the services.