Batch measures and influxdb integration

I’m reading all the info to do a proper influx integration based on a custom payload codec but I need help for a specific format.

the lora device is sending 6 measures in a single payload (data are sent in a single burst every 6h).

I can decode the payload, each measure has its own date/time associated. no problem here.

but how can we make a proper influxdb integration so that we write the proper timestamp, i.e. the one of each measured which is passed in the payload as a tuple … (datetime, value) ?

thanks for your help!

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influx will add the timestamp itself obviously on time the data is written to the db. If you want a more specific time you will have to write a time function in your decoder and sent it over as part of the decoded metrics you get from your sensor. (As this is an old thread I assume you have sorted this by now?)

Hi ccall48,
indeed I made a custom function to call influxdb with data formatted with the right timestamp and it works.