Can I share a gateway-bridge among gateways with the same setup?

Hi everyone,
I have a very simple question. If I have between 2 and 4 gateways that will have the same radio configuration, is it OK so use the same gateway-bridge instance? (it runs on a docker, I can’t install gw-br on each gateway since they don’t allow it).


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Well, I have 4 gateways on one ChirpStack stack. Two are inactive because I determined reach from nearby gateways was sufficient. I’m still not clear on how to “optimize” my situation.

We have an installation example where multiple gateways are funneled through a single gw-bridge. Seems to work fine, but our concentrator is BasicStation, which uses websockets as the gw-bridge backend.

Does your GW use packet forwarder, thus UDP traffic from gateway to gw-bridge? Maybe there will be issues on packet framing/sync, I am not sure how the message frame protocol is affected when over UDP

Thank you @Curt_Black and @fmgst for your responses.

I’m also using BasicStation and so far 2 gateways and a single instance of gateway-bridge. My concern is more related to design and to avoid future problems, but so far I have no issues and I’m still doing tests.

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