Can't find, edit, delete device - "Object already exist"


I am stuck in a paradox situation, I can’t find, add, edit, or even delete a group of devices

  1. The search using the DevEUI show up no results:

  2. Adding this same devEUI give this error message: “object already exists (code: 6)

  1. Using the /api/ to detele the same device, I’ve got the same error:

  2. If I try to EDIT using put /api/devices/{device.dev_eui} ( [Update updates the device matching the given DevEUI.])
    → it return: Device or Object does not exist.

It looks that this nodes was there, and maybe badly inserted in the Chirpstack database ?

if it’s the case , how I can delete it ?

Any suggestion please ?

Many Thanks


Are you potentially running multiple organizations? If so, check the other orgs. I had this issue before.

Thanks @np0 , unfortunately there is one Org that was created only.

Additional info:
I’ve tried to add this device with different “Device names” , and same result:“Object already exist” (code: 6),
it looks that the system the device per its existing DevEUI.

Info: This issue has been solved by accessing and deleting them directly the chirpstack_ns database and for some cases in chirpstack_as as well.
after the delete it is possible to ADD back the device properly.