Can't see device details

Hello there.

Yesterday I updated my chirpstack application server (also gateway bridge and network server) to newest version, on Windows server 2012 R2. Previous version was 3.14 (app-server), 3.12.3 (network) and 3.10 (bridge).
Everything works fine except viewing device details under application->App->device.
When I open browser console (F12) I see there is an error “Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: i.apis.DeviceService.GetStats is not a function at main.761687db.chunk.js:1:21270”.
I checked logs in app-server and network-server, no errors there.

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The RTCPeerConnection method getStats() returns a promise which resolves with data providing statistics about either the overall connection or about the specified MediaStreamTrack.

And what can I do to get details? :smiley:

@Shubidubidap Have you been able to resolve this issue with missing DETAILS?