Can't visit lora server in an AWS server

Hello every one

Follow the “Quick Install” guide, I had installed it both in a virtural machine and in a AWS server.

The one in the virtural machine works well, and I can open the website via https://localhost:8080

But if I can’t open my AWS lorawan server with https://47.104.***.32:8080 (47.104.***.32 is my AWS server’s IP address).

I think there must need some special config, how can I solve that problem?

Hope someone can give me :grinning:

  • Please check the logs to make sure LoRa (App) Server is started
  • Check your firewall rules

Please also share what you already tried to debug this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply Brocaar

Both LoRa Server and LoRa App Server are running, I had checked with follow commands:
sudo systemctl status lora-app-server
sudo systemctl status loraserver

Should I open 8080, 1700, 1883, 1884 ports by hand?

I sloved this problem…Just add allow to 8080 port with TCP protocol is enough:rofl:

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