Cayenne LPP decoding error

My sensor payload data could not be parsed by LoRa APP server, server reports:

"type":“CODEC”,“error”:"read full error: unexpected EOF"


application/1/node/307441d000000cd1/rx {“applicationID”:“1”,“applicationName”:“altitude”,“deviceName”:“ANT1OTAA”,“devEUI”:“307441d000000cd1”,“rxInfo”:[{“mac”:“31328a30000007de”,“rssi”:-43,“loRaSNR”:25,“name”:“EU433GW”,“latitude”:31.0456,“longitude”:121.3997,“altitude”:0}],“txInfo”:{“frequency”:43357
application/1/node/307441d000000cd1/error {“applicationID”:“1”,“applicationName”:“altitude”,“deviceName”:“ANT1OTAA”,“devEUI”:“307441d000000cd1”,“type”:“CODEC”,“error”:“read full error: unexpected EOF”,“fCnt”:394}

Data received by LoRa-Gateway-Bridge is:

12:44:35.081653 IP rdcxuly-Aspire-1830T.1700 > [|radius]

Is this configuration error? Anyone knows?


I assume you’ve configured the Cayenne LPP codec?

The base64 data maps to the following byte slice []byte{49, 3, 3, 8, 111, 104, 32, 121, 101, 97, 104, 33}

That is:

  • channel 49, data type 3 (analog out), data 3, 8
  • channel 111, data type 104 (humidity), data 32
  • channel 121, data type 101 (illum.), data 97, 104
  • channel 33, ???

It seems the CayenneLPP payload is corrupted as more data is expected, hence the EOF (end of file) error.

As a reference:


Hi Brocaar,

Thanks for the prompt reply!

We’ve checked with the sensor vendor, they are using TLV encoding.

Seems the APP decode this and failed.


Hi Brocaar,

We found the issues, the source is encoded by TLV, so we could use TLV to decode them.



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