Channel mask configuration

I have a use case where i need to enable only uplink channels 1, 3, 5 and 7 for certain sensor nodes.
Here is my understanding on how that can be done.
Update enabled_uplink_channels=[1,3,5,7] in loraserver.toml so that this channel configuration is applied to the end node.

If the above is correct, then this gets applied to all the end nodes as part of the network server? I would like to apply this configuration only to specific sensors that is part of an application. Is that possible? or did i get it wrong?

Thanks in advance.

For uplink messages, you need to apply the same configuration in your end node as well as the gateway config (global_conf.json in the packet forwarder).

It is not possible to apply a channel-mask to certain devices. When setting the enabled_uplink_channels variable, it will be applied to all devices.

Thanks Brocaar!

Could that be a feature request? This is my thought process.
Application configuration has an additional field during setup that says “enabled_uplink_channels”.
When ADRRequests are framed, it can lookup the channel configuration based on application so that channel masks are applied only for devices in that application?

Does that make sense? or am i missing something?

I’m not sure if I would like to provide this feature because of the following reason:

The issue is that with this feature, you’ll give the end-user the possibility to define channel-masks. In my opinion this is up to the network to decide as it gives the end-users the option to cripple your network by for example fixing all devices to a single channel. In a multi-tenant environment this might be problematic.

Thanks Brocaar.

Could that be something only admins have the privilege to do?
The reason behind this request is, we have certain end nodes that operates in an RFID environment and we are trying to manage the channel plan in a way that there is not much interference and we can have dedicated sub bands in which LoRa and RFID can coexist.