Chirpstack Application login page is empty


I just setup a new server running debian 11, and deployed the last Chirpstack server version (3.17.8 for Application, 3.16.5 for Network), but login page is empty (blank page, nothing displayed).

I check that my instances are running, and port 8080 is listened:

tcp               LISTEN             0                  4096                                       *:8080                                     *:*                 users:(("chirpstack-appl",pid=24411,fd=10))

Can you please advice what to check more?

Looking forward to your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m feeding myself the topic.

Seams that reconfiguring application server to listen to port 8081 instead of 8080 makes hte login apge avaiblalbe.
But that I do not understand is that when 8080 is configured, login in blank, but …/api is available !!.

Nothing appears while I’m trying to detect port conflict (maybe I’m wrong, I’m not so familiar with this).

Anyway changing port solves my problem here.
But I’ m curinous to have explation if you have, guys.

Best Regards,