'chirpstack-application-server-ui' is not in the npm registry

My system is ubuntu18.04, when I Compile chirpstack-application-server,it’s not very smooth. According the err I install npm,then I try again,it doesn’t repot last err,but npm print ‘chirpstack-application-server-ui’ is not in the npm registry. This like You said this is most likely a problem with the chirpstack-application-server-ui package? Hope you can verify this problem.
Thank you very much

That is correct, the package is compiled during the ChirpStack Application Server build and bundled with the Go binary :slight_smile: No need to fetch this from NPM.

well,because I want to change chirpstack-application-server code to praser data,so I need to recompile this chirpstack-application-server. But after I have executed make command and downloaded all pkg,then still report that problem,this is two pictures:

what should I do?
oh,My system is still ubuntu18.04

Please use the Docker Compose development environment. It provides you with a pre-setup environment for development: https://www.chirpstack.io/application-server/community/source/

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