Chirpstack does not see the RAK7240 gateway

My RAK7340 antenna, which I successfully receive data in V3, does not send data at all in V4 version. Also, Gateway’s Region information is blank on the gateway screen. I don’t know where I did wrong. I’m leaving the chirpstack config settings here just in case

# Logging.

  # Log level.
  # Options are: trace, debug, info, warn error.

# PostgreSQL configuration.

  # PostgreSQL DSN.
  # Format example: postgres://<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>@<HOSTNAME>/<DATABASE>?sslmode=<SSLMODE>.
  # SSL mode options:
  #  * disable - no SSL
  #  * require - Always SSL (skip verification)
  #  * verify-ca - Always SSL (verify that the certificate presented by the server was signed by a trusted CA)
  #  * verify-full - Always SSL (verify that the certification presented by the server was signed by a trusted CA and the server host name matches the one in the certificate)

  # Max open connections.
  # This sets the max. number of open connections that are allowed in the
  # PostgreSQL connection pool.

  # Min idle connections.
  # This sets the min. number of idle connections in the PostgreSQL connection
  # pool (0 = equal to max_open_connections).

# Redis configuration.

  # Server address or addresses.
  # Set multiple addresses when connecting to a cluster.

  # TLS enabled.

  # Redis Cluster.
  # Set this to true when the provided URLs are pointing to a Redis Cluster
  # instance.

# Network related configuration.

  # Network identifier (NetID, 3 bytes) encoded as HEX (e.g. 010203).

  # Enabled regions.
  # Multiple regions can be enabled simultaneously. Each region must match
  # the 'name' parameter of the region configuration in '[[regions]]'.

# API interface configuration.

  # interface:port to bind the API interface to.

  # Secret.
  # This secret is used for generating login and API tokens, make sure this
  # is never exposed. Changing this secret will invalidate all login and API
  # tokens. The following command can be used to generate a random secret:
  #   openssl rand -base64 32



  • Have you confirmed that the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge / ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder is receiving data from your gateway?
  • Have you confirmed if the GW Bridge / MQTT Forwarder is publishing its stats and uplinks to MQTT?

If the above is all looking good, have you confirmed that the MQTT topics do match the MQTT topics as configured in the region_XXX.toml? E.g. the example config expects eu868/gateway/.... for EU868 etc… Note that v4 added a region prefix (in de default config).

See also v3 to v4 migration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

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