Chirpstack Downlink from MQTT

Please I need help on sending dowlink to my device using the MQTT on nodered. I current recieve my uplinks but very unable to recieve the downlinks even at the gateway log.

It is not clear to me what you have tried, but this should get you started:

Thank you for your reply, the problem i am facing currently is that firstly when I send a downlink from my web interface to the node to turn on an LED, the downlink is seen in my LoRawan frames TAB, it is also seen on my gateway Log as shown in the two attached pictures but I am not able to see this command on my node. in the device profile i set to support class C…

Please how do i solve this problem

I guess the question then is, does the device supports Class-C?

Thank you very much, how do I know if my device supports class C?

if it’s your own self made device, you must know that, b-cos you write the FW for it.
if it’s factory made device - read their documentation.
that’s all

I am using a Dragino shield v1.3 on an arudino uno as my node, I only wrote the code and uploaded in the arduino sketch. please give me a clearer explanation so that i can understand this better. thanks
This is my node in the pictureUntitled

So please I will appreciate any further explanation

inspect your code. and docs about your LMIC library how to enable class C etc.
by the photo it is not treated. :slight_smile:

can i send you my arduino code, as this is quite confusing to me at this point?

should be better. if you discuss about it on arduino forum.
P.S. internal endnode software issues not related to Chirpstack App Server thread

ok thank you very much