Chirpstack Error Messages

I have a problem where I have broken my CS 4 installation. It was working but I made some changes and killed it. I have been trying to work back through the changes to see where it went awry.
I am seeing the following message in the Chirpstack log:

ERROR chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Send to subscribe channel error region_config_id=AU915 error=no available capacity

Does anyone know what causes this error?
Is there a list of the CS Error Messages anywhere?

I have no idea but looks MQTT related have you tried connecting to the mosquitto Broker ?

no TLS :: mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t “#” -v -d

TLS:: mosquitto_sub -h -p 8883 --cafile ca.pem --cert cert.pem --key key.pem -t “#” -v -d

I have sorted out my issues: a good reminder to only ever change one thing at a time.
I had set the same TOPIC in the Chirpstack-Gateway-Bridge and in Chirpstack; and was also using it in MQTT–FX for testing. But when the MQTT server gets hit by a second connection with the same Topic, it closes the first one. Sop you get stuck in a restart loop.
Then, I had made a backup of my Chirpstack toml files to my home directory. But had forgotten that Chirpstack checks several locations for a config file when it starts. I was making changes in the /etc/chirpstack-gateway-bridge toml file but not seeing any changes - as I think CS was loading the file from the home directory. Moving the config backups to a sub-directory helped ensure the nominal config was loaded.

I had also created an error in my region config file, when trying to make a config that would allow AU915 SB1 and SB2 together. But when using the UDP Packet Forwarder, this is not necessary as trhe Gateway doesn’t get sent anything from CS-Gateway Bridge. So just using region_au915_0 is enough

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