Chirpstack gateway OS without shield/ gateway-config

I hopefully don’t ask a stupid question (I’m a newbie with Chirpstack):

we’d like to use the gateway os just as a server instance and want to use an external LoaWAN gateway to send data to the chirpstack server.
I already installed the chirpstack-gateway-os-full image twice - update it as described, but if I try to add the network server I still got the error “context deadline exceeded (code: 2)”. The concentratord is also struggeling beween “initializing” and “execution failed”…
I read the documentation and I guess the issue is that I have to run the gateway-config first, before I am able to add the localhost network server. But what to configure there? I couldn’t find a documentation for that.
Many thanks in advance for your hints,

The ChirpStack Gateway OS is intended to be used with Pi based LoRa gateways. When you select your shield and region in the “gateway-config” menu, it will also copy the ChirpStack Network Server config for that region. You could use it without LoRa shield and without the “gateway-config” setup, but then you need to configure the ChirpStack Network Server manually.

hi, i installed chirpstack-gateway-os-full-raspberrypi3-20210510105535.rootfs.wic.gz on PI3B+,
and the channel list only include ‘EU868’ and ‘US915’,i want setup it with ‘CN470’,how can i do ?

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