Chirpstack integration with the Things Stack

Dear Team @ Chripstack we would like to transfer data from Things Stack over to an application built on Chirpstack. Is that possible?

Of course it depends on which data you want to transfer. In general, both the Things Stack as ChirpStack provide APIs, so you should be able to do this programmatically (exporting devices from one and importing them into the other for example).

Dear brocaar let me explain a little further.

We have a sensor purchased from an IoT vendor. Normally they use their gateway and the Chirpstack network server and they then build their application on top of their application server on Chirpstack.

Now we have deployed this sensor within our country and it is not connected to a particular gateway instead it is connected to the public LORA network which is run by our client here.

Our client here has shared the public address, port, username, and password for us to access the sensor. Do note that our client is using the ThingsStack Network Enterprise.

We have approached our sensor supplier asking him to use this info to try to get the data but
they are suggesting that we configure the gateway to their lorawan server directly. then we can set the device to their application platform as this will be easier for them but this I don’t think is possible as
honestly, we are not dealing with just 1 gateway but instead it’s a public network.

How best do you think can we resolve this. And by the way do you also have an email id or are all conversations only at the Community level and is it safe to share any confidential information on here ?

I’ve sent you a direct message with my details.