ChirpStack Simulator get tenant error

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to test my server with ChirpStack Simulator. I’m using the default example settings for .tom configuration file. I get following error below. I’m not sure where should I get “tenant_id” (string according to documentation) in application server but I tried using almost anything that made sense to me (is it organization name?). Am I using wrong tenant_id or something else might caused this error?

Any help would be appreciated.


INFO[0000] simulator: retrieving tenant tenant_id=admin
ERRO[0000] simulator: init simulation error error=“get tenant error: rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown service api.TenantService”

Please note that the latest simulator code works with ChirpStack v4, you might have a mismatch in versions?

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Thank you, indeed this is a problem. I will migrate to v4. Thank you for this great project.