Chirpstack/The Thingsboard Integrations

Hi Everyone,

I am bit new in this stuff so pardon me if I am still looking for basics.

I am trying to send data from Chirpstack to The Thingsboard. Chirpstack is receiving Uplink and Downlink data from the sensor. I have used Cayenne my devices as the integration platform and it worked fine. But now, I want to use The Thingsboard as an integrations platform. I have created a device on The Thingsboard and then I provided it with the Access token in the variables field on Chirpstack as well. But I am still not receiving any data in the Latest Telemetry tab on The Thingsboard.

I am not sure whether I am missing some codec on the Chirpstack or what.

It would be really appreciated if I get any assistance on that.

I am using Dragino LGT-92 sensor as a test device.