Chirpstack v4 Docker - End devices do not receive downlinks or acks


I installed Chirpstack V4 on Docker on Ubuntu using the provided docker compose script. I also connected my gateways and a few devices, all of which were working properly on other LNSs using the default LoraWAN EU868 configuration. When I attempt to transmit confirmed uplinks, Chirpstack receives them and responds with acks but they are never received by my devices. I haven’t changed any config files. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Have you inspected any of the logs (gateway, ChirpStack, …)?

Hi, I’m in a similar situation but in my case the problem is that the end device does not receive any information about the ADR or downlink.
I inspected the logs but I don’t find any message about ADR or downlink.

My setup is: Chirpstack v4 <—> RAK gateway (packet forwarder) <—> end device.
The protocol between Chirpstack and the gateway is “semtech udp gwmp protocol” but the same issue with “mqtt for chirpstack”.

Thank you