Chirpstack V4 - GET /api/devices/{dev_eui}/events


I currently switched to version 4 to communicate with devices on different bands on the same chirpstack. I was able to do all the settings and the apps are working and collecting information.

However, I’m trying to get the device events using the API, in version 3 I ran “GET /api/devices/{dev_eui}/events”, but now in version 4 I can’t access the details.

How do I access events in version 4?

Unfortunately I can not help you with your query - but maybe you can help me.
I have been attempting to setup a single chirpstack instance to handle multiple regulatory domains - which is what I assume you mean by this:

Can you point me to the documentation you followed to get to this step?


Lets not mix different questions in one topic (hint, you will find the multi-region config here: chirpstack/chirpstack/configuration at master · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub).

The question is how to receive events from the device. Most likely you are not looking for the /events endpoint. This endpoint was and is there to support the web-interface. The API is not stable and could change any time.

You are looking for one of the ChirpStack integrations. E.g. you can use the MQTT integration and subscribe to all the event, implement a HTTP endpoint, store the events in a PostgreSQL database, etc…

See for the exposed events: Event types - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation. And see the different integrations in the left menu.

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