Chirpstack V4: support different datarates whithin same region

Currently we are using multiple service profiles for different lora sensor device hw revisions. first revision supports datarate 2-5, second rev. 4-5.
With chirpstack v4 the service profiles are not needed anymore. There is only a device profile which does not contain the data rate limitations.
So data rate limitation comes only from region configuration. Then we have to create two eu868 regions with different settings and different mqtt topics. But our lora gateway with chirpstack bridge preinstalled should handle both device types in parallel and the bridge can only use a single set of lora topics = is bound to specific region config on server side I would guess? Am I right? Or are there any other ways to achieve our requirements?

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Wouldn’t two custom ADR algorithms solve the issue? Then the only thing you need to do is create two device-profiles, the first with the ADR algorithm for DR2-5, the second for DR4-5.

Thanks, yes that would fit, the effort is higher but its possible. Ok then I haven’t missed something obvious that can be done with configuration settings only.

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