ChirpStack vs Private TTN

Hey guys,
i have a simple question.
According to the TTN Documentation we are allowed to host our own private ThingsNetwork. How is that different from having a private ChirpStack? What advantages do I have with the ChirpStack over a private TTN?

I hope somebody can help me, I’m quite confused right now :confused:

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everyone chooses for himself. install both, compare and make a decision. one of the advantages of a chirpstack is that it can be installed on the gateway itself, in certain cases. It also depends on the scope of your project.

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I understand. But am i right in assuming that both CAN do the same apart from minor differences?

the difference is ChirpStack - standalone platform. TTN - is the cloud platform. TTN stack is a part of cloud components.

I understand the difference between the TTN Cloud and the Chirpstack. But it is also possible to host your own private TTN, thats what I am curious about. Where is the difference to the ChirpStack then?

private LoRa network != own server with all required components.

If i want to have my private network with own network server, joining server and application server then would chirpstack be a better option?

For me the deal breaker was the fair policy rule of the TTN tah twould make my hobby application unusable. It’s true TTN is not checking for users violating it, but a nice sunny Monday when you will woke up your devices might not work anymore if you are violating it.

That’s why I went with ChirpStack and never looked back. A wonderful solution. I’m amazed how well it performs.

A private TTN is not free. It has a price plan you have to negotiate.

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so can i make private ttn lookalike using chirpstack , putting all server on cloud ?