Chirpstack4 downlink does not seem to work Class A

Hi All,

We use chirpstack 4 with REST API server to enqueue downlink data to device. Data is showing in the queue with pending false. Device is in class A and it is sending uplink data properly as in the screenshot

but downlink does not seem to work all the time. Region US915. Even with this much items in queue as in screenshot, downlink is not happening. We tried with confirmed downlink after unconfirmed downlink was not working as expected. There are no errors in the frame log and uplink is reaching fine
OTAA join requests work fine when the device is rebooted.

Is there any reason why downlink is not working? Hope someone here can help or give suggestions for troubleshooting


Downlink works for me. At least as923.
For class A, downlink will go when the device sends an uplink.

Do your downlink packets stay in Queue GUI?
Or they disappear immediately?