Compatibility between Chirpstack v3 & v2 (previously LoraServer) databases

Hello guys,

I have a deployment with Chirpstack version 2 (when it was still called LoRaServer) and I would like to move to v3.

Is it possible to make the change transparently to the database or do I need to add all the information again?


I suggest reading the changelog for each of the components, they will tell you steps you need to take and the order to do things

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This might be a helpful topic which I created at the time of the v3 release: Upgrading from LoRa Server v2 to LoRa Server v3.

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I looked for something similar but I didn’t see that post.

Thank you very much, I’ll follow that up.

Sorry to bring back on old thread here - I was trying to follow the instructions in the link and I discovered that LoRa Server v2.8.1 is no longer available. Is it safe to upgrade directly from v2.7.0? (which is what I am still on)

Woops, nevermind - I was looking at the 3.x repository instead of the 2.x repository.

@Utkarsh_Shah - did you manage to complete the upgrade sucessfully?

@stephenb - not quite yet. I followed all the steps in brocaar’s post above and all of the upgrade steps listed in the changelogs for NS, AS, & GWB but I still had issues due to the config file changes.

It seems the config files have changed so much that all my configurations (like my db login, channel settings, etc) were wiped out when I regenerated the config file. I reverted back for now, but I’m going to try again and manually add all my configurations back in