Compatible Repositories for Lora Gateways and LoraNodes combined/compatible with LoraServer and LoraAppServer

  1. I have the same setup in Linux PC and RPi 3, except the fact, that Mosquitto and Mosquitto Client are also installed in RPi 3 (both in linux PC and RPi). This may cause the problem,while i try to declare the gateway in Loraserver it can’t be seen as active, despite the fact that has communication with packet forwarder. I will make a clean format and re-installation to RPi tomorrow.

  2. As i understood, (loranet) lora gateway ( is not appropriate to be installed, JUST packet forwarder (

  3. By the way, you gave answer to my post Mqtt server that has to be configured in gateway-bridge conf file is the IP of Linux PC and NOT localhost, as it supposed mqtt broker and lora-gateway-bridge run in different hosts (Linux PC and RPi)?!?

Thanks @glederer007 for another time for your support and your patience to my questions!

Yes, the “heart” of the system is the MQTT Broker that handles the message flow. Usually this “sits” on the same server that hosts the loraserver and the lora-app-server. And since the gateway and its lora-gateway-bridge is on another server, the lora-gateway-bridge needs to connect to the MQTT Broker “sitting” on this server (the one that hosts lotaserver and lora-app-server).

Goodmorning from here @glederer007! Thanks to your advise i finally achieved the connection between lora-server and lora-gateway-bridge.

It seems that everything is OK (except GPS that, as i gave manually my Gateway’s coordinations)…i might have to configurate it.

Next step will be to create a new application, after connecting a node which will send (and receive data).

I would like to ask you, if you know of course and @brocaar also, about the restrictions of this (private) use of loraserver? I mean that there are a lot of restrictions in TTN for example and i would like to know about these, using Loraserver.

Thanks for everything til now again!

I think all you have to obey to is the regulations of your own country. That is transmission airtime, power, etc.

I created a related post about the issue.

Hello @glederer007. I have the same issue in another post, but is relative to this one.
I try to see data payload.
I asked about HTTP Integration.

I also try to use mosquitto_subs and encounter below issue:

Have you ever face this before?

@nikospps please help keep the forum clean. There is already a topic covering MQTT connection issues:

Excuse me @brocaar for this. By the way i searched this link and refers nothing about the issue of mosquitto_subs.

Maybe, i have to open a new post