Compile LoRa Gateway Bridge v3 on openwrt

I purchased a RACK7249, I wanted to recompile the source code of the “LoRa Gateway Bridge” for this Gateway, whose platform is openwrt / mips. How can I do it? Help me !!!

root@RAK7249:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type : MediaTek MT7628AN ver:1 eco:2
machine : Mediatek MT7628AN evaluation board
processor : 0
cpu model : MIPS 24KEc V5.5
BogoMIPS : 385.84
wait instruction : yes
microsecond timers : yes
tlb_entries : 32
extra interrupt vector : yes
hardware watchpoint : yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0ffc, 0x0ffc, 0x0ffb, 0x0ffb]
isa : mips1 mips2 mips32r1 mips32r2
ASEs implemented : mips16 dsp
shadow register sets : 1
kscratch registers : 0
package : 0
core : 0
VCED exceptions : not available
VCEI exceptions : not available

There are some existing MT76x8 / OpenWrt threads

While it should be possible to get this working if dependencies are satisfied (it’s often better to cross compile) keep in mind that an option is to run the gateway bridge on a different machine (such as the one running the rest of the LoRaServer stack) and use the legacy UDP protocol between the gateway and that. It’s also possible to create your own solution for the translation; ended up doing that in an afternoon to fulfill some unique needs.

I have compiled the mips set project as a compilation option, but running it on the gateway I have this answer
./lora-gateway-bridge: line 1: syntax error: unexpected “(”

This is how I build for openwrt and mips:

GOOS=linux GOARCH=mipsle make build
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