Concentratord hangs - restart required


I am running Chirpstack OS (3.3.3) on RPi4 with IMST-880A SPI concentrator.

The Chirpstack GW runs good. And after a certain period the LoRa messages are no longer processed.

After a bit of investigation it seems that LoRa messages do not get thru the concentrator daemon. Although the process is still running. Following command results in “OKs” for all services.

raspberrypi4:~$ sudo monit summary

However when resetting the concentrator daemon the problem is solved and messages are processed again. This only lasts for a certain time and reset is required again.

raspberrypi4:~$ sudo monit restart chirpstack-concentratord

Thread that I found with similar problem: Chirpstack concentratord reset on raspberry+i880a

Does anybody with similar problems found a solution for this?


I’ve been using on raspberry from a while and my experience is similar to your.

after many, many tests I decided to AVOID completely the “rpi os image” and I simply install ChirpStack on top of the Raspbian install as per “ubuntu x86 install” instruction.

So far I’ve been running my units (n.4 raspberrypi 3b+) for 8 months without a single reboot with 880a, rock solid.

also: I do not remember if Rpi4 was declared “supported” or not … but I simply avoid that and use 3B+ all the time, connected to my network over wifi.

my 2c

Thanks for your 2c. And good to know you experienced the same on the RPI3.
Maybe I should also avoid full OS and install the system as you mentioned.

However my preference is finding the problem and have a solution :slight_smile:

Out of interest - what size is the SD card that you are using?

it is a 16G Sandisk… never had an issue so far.

I’m not sure if the 8G version is too small … but the 16G is the “cheapest” one anyhow (and pbly the smaller size I could find)

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I am following you suggestion and start to install Chirpstack on raspian lite OS.
Once question from my side is - for your setup, are you still using concentratord or are there alternatives to hook up the LoRa GW HW (IMST ic880A)?

I’m still using the default one, nothing else.

raspberry 3B+, i880a, raspian, chirpstack os and the guide for ubuntu install.

so far … not a single problem with it, running 24/7, ~30 devices, OTAA

Ah I misunderstood - so you use the OS-base instead of the OS-full ?

Hi DeBuffel,

I am also facing the same problem did you get the any solution for this.

raspbian os, lite version, and I install what is missing with apt-get (don;t remember if there were any missing parts … pbly not)

Would you mind creating a GitHub issue, if possible with the log output using TRACE level?

OK so I did not misunderstood :slight_smile:

  1. Raspberry Pi OS Lite -
  2. Following instructions as on

And you are using concetratord right? What is the easiest way to install this (I am looking for some guidelines)

@brocaar - yes will do. Have 2 chirpstacks running here so log at trace level should be possible (only next week)

Thanks @DeBuffel, it is good to look into alternative solutions to get thing workings, but I would prefer to also find the actual cause of the issue so that we can fix this :slight_smile:

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Next week I will have 2 setups with chirpstacks full OS running (trace) and will create a ticket on github.
I suspect that I have seens the concentratord issue with the imst ic880spi and with the RAK2245 (pi-supply hat). With the RAK2245 my experience is that the concentratord “hanging” problem is less frequent

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@bsp As a work-around follow the step from flymac (see link below)

I installed it last night and seems to solve the problem (for the IMST ic880A). However I’d like to stick to Chirpstack sw (for obvious reasons)