Configfile location

hi there,

I’m working on a raspbian buster and chirpstack V3.11.

i’m so confused with the location of the configfile and who launch the “chirpstack services”. principaly with the application server.

i have read this

but in the different location describe i have only partial config file and futhermore i dont understant if it’s root or the others user which have the home directory.

How i can know wich config file is used? and from where?
cmd: chirpstack-application-server configfile
Dont give me the location of the file.

Futhermore i have a second problem. i use the package supply by rak. so i have an other location where i find the file :

Could someone can explain me wich users have to modify the config file? where i can find the file and the best practice to have a clean install.

thanks for four help.

This command prints a config file for you, it does indeed does not show you the location of the config file. Please see

I’m not using the RAK packages and I can not help you with this. But in the end, the configuration file could be located anywhere. E.g. there are a couple of default locations where the ChirpStack binaries will search for configuration, but you can also specify your own path by using the -c CLI option.