Configration problem / gateway not seen by the application server

Hi ,

I have multitech gateway and packet forwarder installed on it. I installed chirpstack-gateway-bridge, chirpstack-network-server, and chirpstack-application-server on my pc (linux os) . I setup the application web GUI localhost:8080 as it required. I have sensor node and I programmed it with OTAA send frame to the gateway. however, I can not see the packet being received on the network server and the sensor node does not join the network, and the gateway status not seen on the application server GUI.

1- I edit the local_conf.json file of the packet forwarder as: server address: “localhost” , port 1700, port 1700.
2- The gateway is connected to my home router and have its ip address got via dhcp connection to the router (eth0).
3- my laptop wirelessly (wifi) connected to the same router.

please help , thank you.

server address must be an address on which chirpstack installed b-cos your gateway must know where to send received data from LoRaWAN