Configure LoRa Gateway Bridge for Azure

I have stupid question, maybe for someone else…
I have this in my last lines in my .toml config file

# MQTT authentication.
  # Type defines the MQTT authentication type to use.
  # Set this to the name of one of the sections below.

    # Generic MQTT authentication.
    # MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

    # Connect with the given username (optional)

    # Connect with the given password (optional)

And I want write/rewrite there this:
it is from azure config guide



Of course with my Connection string
Am I thinking right? Can rewrite it?
because I have no there this spesific settings, like in the Azure Guide.

Yes, that is correct. Also, there is no harm in trying :wink: You will find a complete guide here:

I did try that with my LG01-N gateway, installed the ipk file which is for the packet forwarded and configuration. Will the ipk file which is provided in the link - will work for my gateway? As this is for LG-308.
I did update the toml file with the connection string, but there is no messages appearing in Azure IoT Hub.