Connecting Dragino Lig16 gateway to chirpstack server

Hello everybody I hope you’re doing well!

I am trying to build a simple LoRaWAN network using these components:

  • Chirpstack open-source network server as my private server
  • Dragino Lig16 gateway as my gateway
  • Raspberry pi zero 2 as my linux-based computer on which I installed and run the chirpstack server

Now the server is successfully built and installed and I can access it through [ServerIP]:8080 but the problem is that I can’t connect the gateway to the server and its status in the server interface doesn’t change and it’s always “never seen”.

Please note that I have installed the gateway bridge on both gateway and the server and its status is “running”.

Can you please help me to get through this? I have been struggling with this for over a week and I really need to fix this for my project.
Thank you very much in advance

Make sure port 1700/udp (yes, UDP) is open for Pi.

This guide is applicable to your gateway and ChirpStack too.
Remember to install ChirpStack gateway bridge.

Thank you very much for your reply, I checked the ports and all of them are open and accepting.
Is there anything else that may come to your mind?

Thank you again for your reply but I need to set up my network on a local network server on my own device not on cloud servers.

I think Pi Zero has too little RAM.
To use a stronger server.


In my opinion Raspberry Pi Zero 2W should not be an issue since it works fine even on Raspberry Pi Zero W.

There are two files on Raspberry Pi namely:-

(possibly under folder /opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd or elsewhere depending on your installation, nonetheless the files are generally named as below)

  1. local_conf.json
  2. global_conf.json

As you are using built-in chirpstack server on Raspbery Pi, check if the server IP is correct (actual static IP address or localhost or as the case may be) and also compare the Gateway EUI on these files is the same as the one on your application server. If not add a gateway to match that Gateway EUI. Configuration in local_conf.json overides configuration in global_conf.json, that is the configuration in local_conf.json is used by the server as against configuration in global_conf.json. You may make Gateway EUI and server address same on both files.

Perhaps you may have different setup but the gist of this reply is that the Gateway EUI and the IP address to which the Gateway is forwarding packets to, should be correct, only then it will show as “last seen few seconds” i.e. connected.

Dear Controlwiz,
Thank you very much for your time and reply.

My issue is now resolved by commenting out topic_prefix =“eu868” My region is eu868. I edited region eu868.toml file by deleting the above line. And the gateway is now working fine!

Used this topic to solve my issue:

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