Connecting gateway to Kyrio hosted network-server

Dear members,

I’m a newbie to this loraserver. i have got my account created in and registered my gateway mac address.
Installed semtech packet forwarder from
configured the global_conf.json and local_conf.json files with server address, port up and down with the configuration below.


    "gateway_conf": {
        /* change with default server address/ports, or overwrite in local_conf.json */
        "gateway_ID": "B827EBFFFE2BFF32",
        /* node server */
        "server_address": "localhost",
        "serv_port_up": 1700,
        "serv_port_down": 1700,
        /* node servers for poly packet server (max 4) */
[ { "server_address": "localhost",
            "serv_port_up": 1700,
            "serv_port_down": 1700,
            "serv_enabled": true },

Installed the Lora gateway bridge on pi and configured the lora-gateway-bridge.toml as below

# debug=5, info=4, warning=3, error=2, fatal=1, panic=0
log_level = 4
# Configuration which relates to the packet-forwarder.
udp_bind = ""
skip_crc_check = false
uplink_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/rx"
downlink_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/tx"
stats_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/stats"
ack_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/ack"
username="username from loraserver"
password="password from loraserver"

Created the device and registered the node for OTAA and done the same on my node.
when i started the packet forwarder script, the data received on the Concentrator shows zero (0)
also the ping test has not been happened between the gateway and network server.
Tried installing the mqtt also even it is not required for Debian Jessie.
I have few queries need to be address to get a clear way on how the system works.

  1. Does the gateway will show live status only on packet reception at the network server or ping test will occur in normal?
  2. How to establish a connection between node and concentrator? since i’m using HopeRF modules ( which i had previously used it with loriot server and worked properly with applications)
  3. How to establish a connection between the concentrator and network server ? - which i feel it is only hardware interface with pi, software installations like packet forwarder & Gateway bridge installation is done.

kindly help me to resolve all these constraints since i’m a newbie, eagerly waiting to connect the gateway to loraserver and receive a payload and do lot of stuff around it.

It would be great and appreciable,if anyone help me out with a flow graph along with the example settings on the all the installations.

Thanks in advance!!


You need to use the MQTT credentials provided by Kyrio :slight_smile:

Please check the logs of the lora-gateway-bridge service to validate if your gateway is connected to the Kyrio MQTT broker. How to check your lora-gateway-bridge logs is documented here:

In these logs you will also see the communication activity between the packet-forwarder of your gateway / concentrator.

Does the gateway will show live status only on packet reception at the network server or ping test will occur in normal?

It is based on the received stats, to configure this interval in your packet-forwarder, see:

You might also find helpful for debugging.

Dear Brocaar,

Thanks for the reply.
i tried with journalctl -u lora-gateway-bridge -f -n 50 to check the log file and it shows
No Journals were found
The credentials used, are provided by the Kyrio team and it is taken out in the post for security reasons.
the stat interval is set to 30seconds and the port numbers are set to 1700, address: localhost as shown above.
I tried with debugging
from the page and it also results the same:
No Journals were found
if you could help me with a flow graph, it will be really helpful to further communicate with the flow along with errors to have a better understanding on the information sharing.
If the results turned out to be “No Journals found means the gateway is not connected to network server” am i right?
Kindly help me to sort out with the proper connectivity. I’m using SPI module of IMST880a concentrator and HopeRF as Node.
Thanks in Advance!


Maybe you could start lora-gateway-bridge from the command-line instead of running it as a service? It could be that your server does not keep journal files.

You will find an architectural overview here:

Dear Brocaar,

The gateway is now listening the data but still there is no live status & frame counts has been updated in the loraserver page.

which global_conf.json file should be used for IMST880A SPI module with RPI3 from below


Also the payload & live frame logs is not updated at the application page and still it is been updated only at the gateway live frame logs.

Please let me know , is there any interface need to be set and also a method to extract the payload to view the original text. Also, the message displayed as payload in loraserver is encrypted? if so what is the encyption standard AES128 or AES64 bit encryption?

kindly help me out to complete the whole process.