Connection to te Gateway issue

Hello, I have a problem, I just started with the Lora technology and I am currently working on my first project using this technology.
I use a RAK 7244 module. I don’t want to use the RAK OS but only install the different chirpstack softwares, that is to say chirpstack gateway, chirpstack network, Chirpstack application and packet forwarder. So I followed all the tutorial on your site to install it under Raspbian but nothing to do, when I log on to the application on my browser, when I enter the ID of my gateway, I have the message "never " in the last seen part, I don’t have any communication with the gateway part.
PS: Sorry for my rough English, I’m a French engineering student.

Hello @Achille. How did you install the software on the Gateway side? Did you use Chirpstack Gateway OS? Are you using the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge? If yes, are you sure you configured the Gateway Bridge to correctly connect to your network server?

If you can provide more details about your setup it will make it easier for us to help you find the problem :slight_smile:

Hi, I followed this tutorial :
I’ve done everything si you can see my setup but when I want to see the log output with : `sudo journalctl -f -n 100 -u chirpstack-gateway-bridge’ , nothing happened.

Have you also followed the instructions here: to setup your gateway and your device?

yes of course, I try with a RN2483 but in the application, I can’t activate my device, I can create it but I can’t activate

@Achille Could you please give a bit more details about your setup? Are you trying to run all the Chirpstack components on the Gateway? Meaning: do you have one RAK7244 on which you want to install the Gateway related components + the Network and Application servers? In that case you should follow the instructions here:
Get the Gateway OS Full image, however I am not sure it is compatible with your hardware.

Or do you want to install the Chirpstack network and application servers on a separate machine, and connect the RAK7244 gateway to that server?

Sorry, I want to run all Chirpstack components + the network and Application servers but without using a the OS full image but made my custom OS base on raspbian but if it’s impossible with my hardware it can be a problem