Correct channel mask for AU_915 band 0

Hi all, I have just set up a ChirpStack server on a RaspberryPi using the RAK 831 setup.
I’m in Australia and using AU_915 Channel 0-7, I’m testing some of my sensors and seeing some inconsistencies. There are some things I’m unsure of.
![Channel Configuration RAK tracker AU_915|690x138]
Where is the RX frequency and offset set on the sensors?
Why are there 10 Ch listed when there are only 8 in the band. I have attached what I currently have set on my RAK tracker board ( its not the highlighted row is the one above) and a list of the AU_915 0-7 band I found on the web.
I do receive application frames and I’m able to decrypt them but it seems I don’t receive all frames.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Dirk_Eisner ,
I’m my case I was loosing frames because the sensor was transmitting randomly on all 64 channels. After setting the sensor to send only in 8 channels, I stopped loosing frames.
Hope that helps you.


Thank you for your help, I have set the devices to only use the first 8 channels.
I will investigate the RX2 frequency settings next, I have the inclination that is maybe my problem. I’m using OTTA and the RX parameters are all set by the OTTA process, with the exception of the RX2 frequency. Will keep this thread going.

Thank you