Creating and registering ADR plugins for v4

I just planned my migration to v4 and wanted to implement the two additional ADR plugins I created for v3 because I had issues with the default algorithm and RN2483 based devices.
In v3 the default was implemented in Go and the plugins also, so it was quite easy for me to just copy the default and change the things in there without having to redevelop the whole algorithm.

For v4 this is quite different, the default is in Rust is assume? But the plugin has to be in JavaScript and the available skeleton is just the bare minimum.
I would like to kindly ask if it would be possible to provide a plugin example in JavaScript which is just the same as the default one? I am just a beginner in JavaScript and I have no idea how to transfer all the functions of the default algortihm to JavaScript. Altering something that altready exists in some points is not a problem so.

Also the documentation just has info about that those plugin have to be entered in the configuraiton file, but the complete example in the docs does not contain any info how to do that. Browsing throught the code I assume that I have to created an array/list in the [network] section called “adr_plugins” but an example would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Ok well, I did it myself: GitHub - Alex9779/Chirpstack-ADR

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