CS info sec architecture

We have to review CS security with the big guns before they go decided how they want to deploy on AWS. I’m a visual type this diagram might help others get sense of how CS does security as the detail is tucked away in the docs. BTW diagram is of our our test setup running on a Digital Ocean droplet. Also if any one spots an error I’m sure they will let me know!


It will be more “interesting” when you have clustering on the architecture.

Some of your (arrow) labels conflate protocol and content, and incorrectly at that. FYI.

Edit: I would just fix them up. And add any missing ports.

Arr yes I will allow the AWS grown ups handle that.

Brian, noted do you think I should take it down if errors that glaring ?

I’m end-device/LoRaWAN protocol guy so this is not my domain. The diagram was drawn for a conversation with AWS cloud architect who hasn’t seen CS before.