Data from Gateway While Nodes are Idle

I’m using a RAK7249 gateway to connect to a ChirpStack installation on an AWS virtual machine. When the gateway is connected, but there is no uplink or downlink activity, I notice that my gateway is still sending a steady stream of data that amounts to about 14kB of data every five minutes. I know that whenever the gateway is connected, I can see that it was “Seen a few seconds ago”, so I assume this data is constantly updating CS with its status and GPS coordinates. The problem, though, is that I’m using a cellular backhaul, so this amount of data 24/7 turns into about 120MB per month and a seriously non-negligble IoT cellular bill.

The question is, is the rate at which the gateway sends updates something that is configured by ChirpStack, or would that be a setting on my gateway?

yes, in the packet forwarder configuration file.


Ah, yes, now I see it: “Keep Alive Interval”. Thanks so much!

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